Master of Communication

Better Relationships, Better Results!

Teaching is about relationships. It's about what goes on in our heads as much as what goes on in our student's heads. It's about using our Emotional Intelligence as well as our subject knowledge.

There are can be few jobs that pull on our inner resources as much as teaching does. It requires mastery of interpersonal and intrapersonal skills and our ability to turn up, manage our internal states and external behaviours.

We all know that it is our mood and positivity that impacts student learning the most. Our ability to read the room, to motivate and inspire our children, and to relieve tension with humor that will have an impact on the learning environment.

Transform Your Life and Work as a Teacher

Influence with Elegance

The essence of this course is about language and internal mental imagery and how understanding this can transform your work as a teacher and your life in general.


  • 1

    1.0 Introduction- Key NLP Concepts and ideas.

    • Welcome

    • Course Objectives

    • How to use this course

    • 1.1 What is NLP?

    • 1.2 The history of NLP

    • 1.2 Dr Richard Bandler -Shares his thoughts on learning and Teaching Excellence.

    • 1.3 Mindset of the most successful teachers

    • 1.4 NLP Presuppositions for Teachers

    • 1.5 Cause and Effect

    • 1.6 Open the Johari Window

    • 1.7 NLP Communication Model

    • Key NLP concepts and ideas.

    • NLP Presupposition exercise

  • 2

    2.0 Building Effective Relationships

    • 2.1 Sensory Acuity

    • 2.2 Rapport for Teachers

    • 2.3 Pace, pace, lead

    • 2.3 Pace pace lead scripting scaffold

    • 2.4 Rapport with groups

    • 2.6 Teams in Action

    • 2.7 Eye accessing cues

    • 2.7 NLP Eye Accessing Cues Exercise

    • Test your learning

  • 3

    3.0 Language of Influence

    • 3.1 Language of Influence

    • 3.1 Language of Influence Scripting

    • 3.2 Body Language That Talks.

    • 3.3 Contextual Mindsets

    • 3.3 Carol Dweck: The power of believing that you can improve.

    • 3.4 Challenging a Fixed Mindset

    • 3.4 Your Challenge: How to learn anything in 20 hrs.

    • 3.5 The parable of the porpoise

    • 3.6 Power of Praise

    • 3.7 Chunking

    • 3.8 Asking the right questions

    • 3.8 Meta model question sheet

    • Test your learning

  • 4

    4.0 Personal Development

    • 4.1 Walk In Someone Elses Shoes: Perceptual Positions

    • 4.2 Uncovering Your Values

    • 4.2 Uncovering your values worksheet

    • 4.3 Values Hierarchy

    • 4.3 Towards and Away From Values

    • 4.4 The TEA Model

    • 4.5 Climbing the Iceburg

    • 4.5 Climbing the Iceburg Exercise

    • 4.6 Flow- The state of optimal performance

    • 4.7 Getting into the Right State and not a Right State.

    • 4.7 Anchoring Process Guide

    • 4.8 Spotlighting

    • 4.8 Spotlighting Exercise

    • 4.9 Metaprograms

    • 4.9 Metaprograms Assessment Sheet

  • 5

    5.0 Classroom Activites

    • 5.1 NLP Spelling Strategy

    • 5.2 Master Metaphors

    • 5.2 Metaphor Making Template

    • 5.3 Brain plasticity and the Growth Mindset_lesson_plan

    • 5.4 The Disney Strategy exercise

    • More resources for you

About Your Instructor

Former Teacher/NLP Trainer & Performance Coach

Matt Beeston

Matt Beeston is the Director of Peak Performance 360 and is a certified NLP trainer and coach and delivers bespoke training as well as nationally accredited qualifications. With over 20 years of experience in teaching & training. Matt works with schools, businesses and sporting institutions to identify needs and guide them to excellence. Matt was an Advanced Skills Teacher in the UK and coached teachers to improve teaching and learning. Matt is a certified NLP Trainer and uses these leading edge psychological tools and techniques to engage and embed solutions, leading to greater levels of engagement, understanding and learning. His passion for sport has also seen him work with sports individuals and teams to enhance performance and mindset. In the UK he worked with Premiership soccer clubs developing their players and coaches in communication, leadership and performance.

Content Includes

  • Quizes

  • Exercises

  • Self-Coaching Tools

  • NLP Techniques

  • Lesson Plans

  • Lesson Activities